Rib - Interlock Machine Combining fi nest quality fabrics with high productivity.

The Orion is a very robust machine with 2 feeds per diametrical inch suitable for the production of Rib, Interlock and eightlock fabrics. Machine can receive up to 4 cam tracks on the cylinder and 2 on dial. It is available with tubular as well as with Open Width Frame. Dial can be set for delaying and synchronised timing without changing the cams. Cam boxes are very light, made by a special aluminum alloy named “Ergal” having a great heat dissipation property. Ergal is capable to avoid dimensional changes due to the variation of temperature between the starting and the regular running of the machine. The yarn carrier head is made of Black Zirconium, it allows a better visibility of the elastomer. Yarn carriers are fixed to a moveable ring to assure an easy setting. The perfect relation between diameter and number of feeds per inch aims at getting the best quality stitch formation with the high productivity. Equally vital is the design of the needles and cams proile through a formula developed by Santoni, assuring a precise and stable movement of needles.

Rib is available in two variants:

- 10 to 22 gauge

- 24 gauge

This will satisfy the demand for a beautiful hand feel and an impeccably uniform smoothness of fabric.


Underwear / Intimate wear
Sportswear / Activewear
Homewear / Nightwear

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