Double jersey machine for the production of ultrafine gauge fabric. New frame designed to avoid any dimensional change and machine set up. New cam box design. New cams profile assuring the best path and stability of needles. Very precise stitch cam adjustment by micrometric screw. Easy cylinder and dial exchange for a quick gauge conversion. Machine with 2 cam tracks on cylinder and 2 on dial. The perfect relation between diameter and number of feeds per inch aims at getting the best fabric quality together with high productivity. Automatic positioning of the fabric take down for quick removal of fabric roll. Available with tubular as well as Open width frame (standard and industrial). Open version can easily be converted into tubular form by a simple operation. Very compact open frame for an easy access to the knitting head. 更好的客户体验


Underwear / Sportswear
Swimwear / Medical Textiles
Technical Textiles

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