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Post sales service

Post sales service

Santoni means reliability, seriousness and guardantee

Santoni offer a complete and professional after-sale service and ensures anywhere service and maintenance with an equipe of skilled technicians who are in a position to solve any problem, by reducing to the minimum the possible expenses due to the machines stop. The Customer, starting from the moment in which he purchases the Machine in all his phases of activity, is assisted by technicians and commercial consultants of proven professionalism.

The after-sales service is managed by the most advanced technological instruments and the most sophisticated computer systems which ensure a very high level of quality.

In addition to the above SANTONI has a technical assistance (mechanic and electronic) operating together with a ’’direct line’’ unit with high qualified technicians who are able to estimate just in time the most suitable and convenient solutions for any kind of problem. The service to our Customers involves a professional training – before And after the sale – on the machines as well as on the related software. We besides have a very efficient SPARE PARTS STORE operating with a staff who speaks many languages who is able to meet with any Customer’s requirement, also thanks to a computer systems management of the store supplies (95 % of the spare parts is available in stock!).

Our AFTER-SALE SERVICE is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated and finest features of the SANTONI COMPANY.