Lonati Group Fondazione Lonati




Machine equipped with brushless motor, coaxial with the cylinder, with reduction of degrees.

2 raising pickers and 2 dropping pickers. Electronic needle by needle selection by four groups of actuators with 16 levels.

In and out retractable stitch cam blocks, individually controlled by stepping motors. Quick stitch cam displacing up and down in diff erent areas according to the graphic design.

Sinker cap with 2 stepping motors.

Motorized dial arm with vertical movement through stepping motor for 9 diff erent height positions. Motorized yarn saw cutter through stepping motor. Movable feeder blocks with three positions (knitting-yarn change-reset). 30 yarningers (7-7-7- 9) each with three positions.

10 trappers on dial for diff erent kinds of bare and cover lycra, laid-in or knitted.

Floated and reinforced patterns with up to four colours per course plus ground.

Pre-setting and programming for diff erent kinds of yarn feeding devices.

All functions electronically controlled. Self protection on all functions and always active self-diagnostics. Back-up battery.

Programming of styles and sizes, pattern editing and stitch cam displacing by Personal Computer. Graphic software for Windows environment, medical styles.

Computer- machine cable connection (RS 232). Key board with graphic display for selection of styles, sizes, patterns and other functions.

Possible connection with NAUTILUS to record production data and to monitor the knitting room status.