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Research and Development

Research and Development

Reasearch and Developement

SANTONI is an innovate and vanguard company where the research has always represented a bearing pillar and a primary strategic commitment.

The R&D Center created inside the company, put into action the spirit of innovation of the company and laid down the bases for a successful future and worldwide sector leadership.

Highly specialized engineers and technicians project machines able to produce technology- innovative garments who anticipates new trends, new needs, apart from being an incentive to the sells.

The Technical Office for the informatics programming and the "Experience Room" for the mechanic designs, work in perfect synergy for experimenting, projecting and realizing new components and new machines. Constant controls and monitoring on machines, are guaranteeing the observance of the quality, reliability and safety parameters.

The R&D department is working in close contact with the Fashion and technology Department from whom they receives creative inputs necessary for the upgrade and for the evolution of the technology item. The close co-operation with the most important group customers and partners allows a sharp and upgraded monitoring of the trend and market evolution.