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Company Profile

Company Profile

Created in 1919 Santoni is the very first Italian sock knitting machine manufacturer. In 1989 it became part of the Lonati Group, a Group that operates in sveral different sectors of activity, i.e, textile engineering, electronics, iron and steel manufacture, agriculture, financing, real estate, research and multi-utility and Instruction. In the last 20 years Santoni has developed a series of circular electronic "Seamlesswear" knitting machines becoming a worldwide leader in this technology.

'Seamless' machines are a revolution in the world of textile machinery. Their use was initially limited to the production of underwear, but then they have evolved into the production of sportswear, beachwear, medicalwear, knitwear, sweaters and other types of outerwear apparel. Thus Santoni began focusing mainly on seamless machine production including models which offered more flexibility in designing patterns and colours.

The constant drive in Research and Development and subsequent innovations in machines involves the fusion of two concepts; the hosiery concept joined together with the knitting technology concept has allowed SANTONI machines to have both huge potential and performance capabilities to enable them to shift easily between one sector of the textile field to another.

Currently, with its range of several different type of machines, Santoni is the only Group that can cover most of the textile field segments in order to satisfy the various market requirements.