A new market request enabling Santoni to exploit its technological potential.

Recently SANTONI has created the SANTONI MACHINING division to respond to Foundry requests requiring complete solutions to offer to their customers. In consideration of its high-level technology and long experience in mechanical machining, SANTONI has taken up this challenge, creating a new structure in order to offer designing, programming and precision mechanical machining services for new customers, making available its resources and expertise for the whole mechanical machining sector. 
At the end of 2016, SANTONI obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification.



CNC Machining Centers, CNC Turning Centers, Grinding and EDM centers.


Automatic and compactable warehouses. Storage is a very important post- production process and it influences decisively the maintenance and functionality of the product. SANTONI’s warehouses meets the construction requirements in terms of humidity protection, personnel and product moveme.

Control quality

Parallel lathes, milling machines, tridimensional control, robotic arm, optical OGP control machine.

Production facility

A range of machines that cover many segments of the textile sector.

Today the SANTONI production facility is composed of a large workshop for mechanical machining including a production facility as well as a prototype and tooling department. The CN programming utilizes a CAD-CAM system and incorporates, VERICUT an advanced software which speeds up initial set-up times and increases productivity. 

The assembly lines lie attached to the workshop, and are completed by the sampling department where machines are tested from a textile point of view, before the final delivery to the customer.

Production facility