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Garment Length Circular Knitting Machine complete with rib border separation. The Mec-Mor Variatex CMP is synonymous of productivity, quality and reliability.

The new double jersey circular Mec-Mor CMP with open variable panel (Variatex Technology) for the production of garments in weft knitting offers a high quality finished item (circular knitting machine) and high productivity with large number of feeds.

The variable width of the fabric panel allows to set the number of working needles for the required product which in turn enables with one single machine to produce all the sizes without wastages. This 33” diameter machine has gauges ranging from E7 to E20 with 12 feeds. It is designed with needle to needle selection on 3 technical ways both for the cylinder and for the dial. Each feed is equipped with a combined knitting/transfer system, therefore at every revolution of the cylinder the programming system can set each single feed either as a “knit feed” OR as a “transfer feed”, achieving every knitting stitch composition with maximum productivity. Transfer can be one way (from dial to cylinder or from cylinder to dial) or double way (the transfer takes place at the same time in both directions on the same feed). A “double hunch” transfer cam is design to perform with success even with yarns that are dificult to work with. The yarn feeding system uses a 4 colour striper with the possibility of feeding bare lycra when producing stretch garments. The striper is electronically controlled by a step by step motor and a pneumatic selector. Machine features stitch structures with many colours or with various types of yarn, like:

- jacquard (single and double jersey), with various color possibility per course

- 4 color stripes

- plated effects

- pockets, etc